Accidents In and Around Construction Sites

Work-related accident is one of the top causes of severe and disabling injuries in the United States and, according to the US Department of Labor, the most common places where these accidents occur are in and around construction sites. The number of construction site accidents was most alarming during the turn of the 20th century and one of the major concerns connected with every injury was the...

Many Employers and Insurance Companies Still Attempt to Sidestep Their Workers’ Compensation Responsibilities

Many workers who sustain work-related injuries suffer not only physically, but financially as well due to the bodily harm, the temporary loss of the capability to earn an income and the need to find ways to pay the costly medical treatment that will help them recover quickly. Due to lack of financial capability, however, many chose to do without the treatment rather than serve nothing on the...

Preventing Dog Bite Injuries in Children

The fatalities due to dog bites have been increasing at an alarming rate, almost doubling in the past ten years. Because of the popularity of dogs as pets in the United States, personal injuries due to dog bites have also increased. Most of the victims are children under fourteen years of age, and what is most surprising is that most of these dog bite victims are owners, neighbors, or friends of...

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