Volkswagen Working on ways to Handle Emissions Violations

Latest news on the Volkswagen emission scandal reports that the European giant automaker is contemplating on buying back their affected diesel vehicles from the United States. Volkswagen is still in talks with the EPA regarding the acknowledged deceit reported last September 2015, but a definitive conclusion is yet to be made. The scandal broke out after it was discovered that Volkswagen...

Why Should You Invest in Self Storage?

People have claiming ownership to things since practically the dawn of time. Whatever the method of currency – be it barter trade or through the modern bank notes that people are more familiar with these days – there has always been a need for humans to own. And, with the years of existing on this Earth, often enough does the situation arise that people have more things than they have space for....

Slip and Fall Accidents and Who the Liable Party Is

A wet floor or any inconspicuous trip hazard, whether in a mall, a hospital, place of work, inside the church or a restaurant can be a cause of a simple slip and fall accident. But any case of tripping or slip, no matter how simple, normal (such as beside a pool) and accidental it may be, may actually result to serious injuries and extreme pain (physically and, yes, financially). Safety...

Consequences of the BP Oil Spill

The 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the worst man-made disasters that has happened in modern history, of that there is no question. People all over the United States have already been informed about the effects of the catastrophe due to its vast media coverage, and after 87 days of oil being spilled on the gulf, the damage seemed impossible to fix. It may be hard to keep track...

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